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Literotica - "The Stranger" sexual fantasy

I first met him through an online chat room; it started off
with us discussing the weather, the news, the usual chit
chat and progressed to discussing our sexual fantasies.
This was where it became interesting, we were both mid-thirties,
both married, both horny and open-minded. When he first
told me of his favourite fantasy I was interested but cautious,
it seemed like something another woman would do, certainly
not me. As we got to know each other better I became determined
to help him fulfil his fantasy.

The fantasy he had in mind was as follows, he walks into a
hotel room to find a woman, naked, eyes closed, kneeling
on the bed. Pretty straightforward so far, the really exciting
thing was that he and the woman would never have met before
and would have no idea what the other person looked like,
also, she wouldn’t be allowed to open her eyes until he said
so. This part excited me, I had been chatting with him for
several months and we had spoken on the phone but I could
only take his word about his appearance. I decided to do
it and we arranged it for the following week.

I went to the hotel as planned; he had been in and booked a
room then left the room door open and gone back to his car.
He texted me the room number as I was driving into the car-park.
He knew what car I had and I knew he would be watching me but
I wouldn’t be able to see him. I was so nervous yet so turned
on as I walked into the hotel and up to the room. As instructed
I undressed then texted him to say I was ready. I knelt on
the bed, trembling, eyes tightly closed, pussy so wet,

I heard the key in the door and heard him tell me to keep my
eyes shut and to stay where I was. He was in the room, looking
at me from all angles, not touching me, not saying a word.
I could sense him moving around the bed, I hoped he was smiling
but my eyes remained closed. I desperately wanted him to
touch me or to say something but he didn’t, he sat down near
me on the bed and lit a cigarette. Time seemed to stand still
as he smoked it, finally I heard him stub it out and he undressed.

I was expecting him behind me, expecting to feel his erect
cock rubbing my aching hot pussy, expecting him to slide
into me, I was wrong. I first felt his cock against my face,
rubbing over my cheeks, making them sticky with pre-cum
then pressing lightly against my lips. My lips parted as
I started to slowly lick the head, eyes still closed, sucking
just the head, tasting the pre-cum then working down his
erect shaft to his balls, sucking them gently into my mouth,
moaning softly as I teased him. My tongue tasting and teasing
him, taking him into my mouth again, taking his delicious
erect cock deeper into my mouth, sucking him harder and
faster, his hands holding my head, pushing his cock further
into my eager mouth. Suddenly he pulled out, “keep your
eyes closed, my slut” he said as he lay back on the bed and
guided my mouth back down to his throbbing cock.As I started
sucking him he took my hand and guided it to his tight arsehole, I
knew what to do, I wet my finger and gently started to play
with his arse, teasing around his anus then starting to
gently probe, sliding my finger in and out in time with my
head bobbing up and down on his cock.He started moaning, loudly, desperately, begging
me not to stop, telling me how good I was, how dirty I was,
telling me to fuck his tight hole with my fingers. I was dripping
wet by now, wanting him deep inside me, wanting him to touch
my clit, wanting to see him, wanting him to make me cum but

I knew I would have to wait. I pulled my mouth off his twitching
cock and licked slowly down to his balls, I knew he was close
to cumming but he would have to wait a little longer. I took
his balls into my mouth and sucked them, rolled my tongue
over them, held them in my hot mouth till he reached down
and tried to pull me back to his cock, eyes still closed,

I shook my head and trailed my tongue down to his arsehole,
rimming it then suddenly probing, tasting him there, his
groans making my juices flow even more freely. Now I was
ready to do as he wanted, I very very slowly kissed my way
back up to his cock, tickled the head lightly with my tongue,
slid my finger back into his tight arse and took his cock
deep into my mouth. He held my head tight as I sucked harder
and faster, desperate for this stranger’s cum in my mouth,
his cock sliding faster in and out of my mouth, twitching
and throbbing as he groaned and bucked. He started shooting
into my mouth, load after load of his delicious hot thick
cum, me swallowing it eagerly, fingering his arse as I took
his huge load. As his cock relaxed I licked him clean, loving
the taste. He pulled me up to face him, held me tight and kissed
me “you can open your eyes now”.

Bisexual fantasy

Joel & I were real good friends since when we are still
young. By the way I’m Scot. Joel lived next to our
house. He was a good-looking man, has a nice body build up
and had a big crotch. I always helped him whenever he had
a problem with his girls or to his studies. There was one
time he asked me on how he could ever repay me?, then I said
“ It’s OK dude, anything for you!!!”

There was night when he and I were talking about his girlfriends
and their sexual relationship. Then we reach to a point
when we talked about his 12 –inch cock and how they
blow it! Realize that he was really a BIG man. After that
conversation, night and night I was imagining how massive
was his cock and how his partners get through with it. There
were also times when I was imagining my myself jerking and
sucking his COCK. And that starts my everyday wet dreams.

From since then, when he and I was going to have a bathe together
in their swimming pool, when I was looking unto him, I was
giving importance to his crotch made through his swimming
trunks nd hoping one day to have that cock in m mouth.
My fantasies became a true story. There was one night when
he and I was drinking liquor and we got drunk. Actually,
I didn’t drink so much so I was half drunk and half
alive. When Joel got drunk, he laid to his bed and got sleep.
I can see his good-looking body and a very nice crotch. I
was thinking to grab the opportunity and made my desires
came true. So, since he was drunk and asleep, I get his shirt
off first and next is his jeans. And now only remain was his
nice, big shaped crotch through his underwear and I licked
t!. and after few minutes, his crotch was getting bigger
and his cock wants to jump outside. So, I undo his underwear
and I can saw clearly his BIG, well hunged, nice shape and
gorgeously erected COCK pointing the ceiling of his room.,
it was about 10 inches COCK. WOW!!! That was really the biggest
dick I have ever seen. And now I started licking and sucking
it from his plum, hot had down through his balls. At first, I
could hardly suck everything but I tried my best to deep
throat him and I made it! I ate all his 10 inch cockdown to
my throat. I repeatedly lick and suck his nicw, EXTRA LARGE
COCK and I notice that it was getting harder, so, I get to
my back and sat down on his now 12 inches massive penis and
started bouncing and bouncing. After few minutes, I can
hear him moaning (I was thinking that maybe he was dreaming
with his girls sucking his cock) and I sense that he was getting
to explode! Without a minute, I grab his hot cock into my
mouth and then he exploded almost 6 tablespoon of semen
and that I lick every drop of his semen. I never had that much
load in my mouth. I lick his cock and sucking it always and
after few minutes he exploded again wit another large load
of cum.
WOW! I like it!~!!!.

I continuedly lick and suck his cock and afterwards I can
hear him saying “ it’s OK Scot!” I was
surprise of I have heared. Then I asked him if he saw me playing
his cock, then he said of course , I got drunk but not asleep
I was just having a rest. Then I said, “I’m
sorry dude” then he said “ No! I like it, really
like it. It’s so good. You’re an expert dude!!!!”
can we do this everyday?” he asked. Then I said “
sure dude, anything for YOU!!!”

And that starts my everyday wet routines with Joel and his

Lesbian literotica story

I was over at one of my friends house for a sleep over and there
was about 9 of us girls there Christy had said that her mom
might have to work the grave yard shift at the hospital and
there wouldn't be anyone else there. So when ever body
got there it was about 6:00p.m. and sure enough they called
her mom to come to work. Well one of our friends had brought
a 5th of Jim Beam with her so we was getting kinda tipsy then
my friend Christy said lets watch so movies her ex had gave

We started watching these lesbian porn movies we was
all getting very hot and started playing around, well my
friend Christy said she had a treat for us she went to the
closet and pulled out this big bag it was full of toys!
We got us all one or two and started playing with each other
and my friend and I started kissing and started playing
in one anothers hot pussy then we went to her room and I laid
her on the bed and started licking ever inch of her clit and
fingering her ass then she said she wanted everyone to watch
so I opened the door and she got her wish.

We hit the 69 and I didn't want to stop her sweet hot juices
tasted so good and the more I licked the sweeter it got she
told me to fuck her ass with the toy so as I started I felt someone
else licking my very hot clit then I felt my friend and Michell
stick their toys in my ass and my pussy it felt so got then
as I got faster and harder I could feel my friend Christy
cuming over and over then we changed postions I was on the
bed and Michell and Tiffany started shoving their toys
in and out of clit and ass then Tiffany picked mine up off
the bed and put it in me too it felt so good Michell was licking
every thing in my vagina and they got faster and harder then
I exploded. Then they said it was their turn and when I got
up I could see Christy doing the same for Tina and Amber.

Kim, Sharon, and Lilly was in the living room they were fucking
each other with their toys and licking one another after
about 5 hours of fun we were all tired and they went to the
livig room and went to sleep. Me and Christy just stayed
up the rest of the night fucking and eating each others hot
wet pussies to death for the rest of the night.

A waterfall dream

A Waterfall Dream

A lot of times my daydreams and imaginations take me to exotic
places for example, a secluded tropical lagoon with a
waterfall. Ive daydreamed many times about a special
someone (you) and myself wading into the clear, waist-deep
water and embracing. The playfully romantic removing
of your bikini and my swim trunks follows sensuous kisses.
Then, of course, the sensuous kisses continue as our wet
bodies press together in growing passion. The passion
is nicely countered by a feeling of freedom unhindered
by busy schedules and time in general, we feel no pressure
to rush, which only adds to our pleasure.

Feeling playful, we wade closer to the waterfall our senses
awakened all the more by the cooling mist it is creating.
I see the effect of the cool mist almost immediately as your
nipples harden. I cant resist giving them the attention
they seem to crave and I lightly kiss them both, lightly
circling each with my tongue, causing you to shiver in the
sexiest way. In response, you reach under the water and
playfully wrap your fingers around my stiffened cock,
gently tickling my sensitive foreskin. Uninhibited by
other people in this lush hide-away, we trade more frisky
fingerings with smiles and giggles. Our laughter only
begins to fade as our flirting leads us in a more romantic

Have you ever noticed that quiet time that occurs when playfulness
turns toward passion? Its like the light goes on for both
people involved. A guy and girl are playing around, having
fun one minute, then something happens and its like the
idea hits them at the same time, Hey, lets make out! or
in this case, Hey, lets do much more than make out! Anyway,
theres a certain time when theres hardly any sound at
all, just quiet kissing and embracing. Then, of course,
the silence is soon broken by the sounds of heavy breathing,
moaning and the banshee-like screams of an uninhibited
orgasmic woman. But, I digress

Somewhere in the transition from flirting to fucking,
you and I wade right through the curtain of water falling
from above us and we find ourselves in a surprisingly placid
pool behind the waterfall. There is a small cave there behind
the falling water, and out of the shallow water towards
the back of the cave protrudes a large, smooth boulder.
As we wade back into the cave, we find ourselves in knee-
deep water. Its a little dark, but theres still enough
light that we can see each other. I admire your sexy, wet
body and you gaze down seeing the effect your nakedness
has had on my cock. It is glistening with wetness and straining
outward as if it were looking for a home. Again you reach
for it, this time taking it firmly in your hand. I know the
tickling and teasing is over when I see the focused _expression
on your face. There is a hunger in your eyes that I have been
secretly longing to see I know what you want.

You kneel in front of me in the still, tepid water and flick
your tongue firmly over the swollen head of my cock. I breathe
in deeply, awaiting the certain delight to follow. As you
begin to make love to my cock with your mouth, I am caught
between my own ecstasy and my desire to return to you as much
pleasure as you are giving me. The coolness of the cave,
the sound of the waterfall, and the sight of you kneeling
naked and wet in front of me combine and I am nearly overwhelmed
with carnal delight. I must concentrate I am torn between
the desire I have to release my creamy load into your hungry
mouth and my yearning to pack your pussy with the produce
of my passion. You make the choice for me when you cease your
most marvelous assault on my manhood and stand up. You look
toward the large smooth rock. I know what you thinking and
I follow you. You lay back on the rock, spreading your legs
in the most welcoming way.

Considerately, I kneel down and approach your wet and waiting
womanhood with my face eager to partake of my own intimate
feast. But you are curiously disinterested in my courteous
advance. You cup your pussy with your hand, blocking the
probe of my already protruding tongue. When I look up, you
shake your head and whisper, You can clean that up afterwards.
With a wink you add, It'll taste better then anyway.

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